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The All in one messaging System - Facebook
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  • Facebook-Jewel Everyone accepts the fact that Facebook has very rapidly evolved into a website which made our lives really simple. But with the help of the new and slowly evolving Facebook Message, it would be all the more better.

    Facebook, has recently, in its bid to take over your online life, announced many new Facebook-try-it-out-message reforms in its Facebook messenger service. What actually was a means for private communication between two profiles on Facebook, has now emerged into something bigger and better.

    Facebook messages now integrates Chat, Email,SMS and Messages, all four– into a single service.

    If you were wondering, that is how Facebook plans to take over your online life.

    Before you fall down laughing at how this is going to change anything for you, you are in for a disappointment.

    First of all, let me explain how Facebook integrates all stuff – into one.

    Chat :

    We all know Facebook has a chat feature and we all use it too. But what Facebook does is that it keeps a log of all your chat conversations. Like this for example:

    In chat:


    The same thing displayed in messages:


    See what I mean?

    Email: Facebook-email

    Facebook has added the most exclusive feature ever, i.e, you get your own Facebook email ID!  Check out this picture for the picture of my Facebook email ID. And yes. The emails sent to this address will reach your Facebook inbox.

    SMS :

    Facebook-sms-featureIf you wonder how this is possible, Facebook makes it easy for SMS/Text Message enabled profiles to reply to messages using their phones, without logging in to Facebook. However, people cant initiate conversation using a mobile. They should be brought by the user on Facebook. To do that, you should select the mobile check box.

    For people who don’t have it enabled, get ready for similar message as above.



    And of course, Facebook still lets you message other people, th rough this method. Nothing more. Nothing less. Its still the same.

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