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Get the awesome new Gmail Preview
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  • Sometimes I wonder why Google took off the “Beta” tag from Gmail, especially when it is experimenting so much with Gmail.

    As you would have known, Google is undergoing massive changes, from the appearance tweaks in its homepage, to its changing Youtube player .. to the introduction of Google+.

    Gmail is also a party to that change. Google is now trying to set up a new gmail interface that is easy to use and more pleasing to the eye. Here are the new changes it has in store for

    Here are the changes listed one by one:

    1 – The black bar will be here, forever

    2 – You now get a blue search button to search inside your inbox

    3 – The mail viewer is now enlarged for easier navigation

    4 – The compose button gets important and is given a new color

    5 – You can now mark messages “Important” (the yellow color button) or “unimportant  (grey colored button)

    Gmail-new-interface-tabsWhat’s news is also the addition of a new tab, which changes the way you see your Gmail inbox.

    Before you jump through the roof, excited, let me show you how to get this on your Gmail:1-how-to-get-new-gmail

    1) Go to Gmail settings by with either clicking the Lever button on top (new interface) or  by clicking the Gmail Settings link (old interface)

    2) Next, select “Themes” tab from the settings page on Gmail

    3) Scroll down the list of themes.. You will find two options - “Preview (Dense)” 3-how-to-get-new-gmail and “Preview” . If you want the actual deal, I would suggest you select just “Preview”, but its all up to you.

    As soon as you are done with that, Gmail welcomes you to a whole new awesome inbox. Enjoy!


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