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Gmail decided to irritate you
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  • Gmail has launched a new campaign – “Email Intervention” , with the tagline “Save your friends from outdated email”.Gmail-irritate-promotion  As you would have guessed, Gmail started this promotion to “save” your friends from outdated email services and suggests you to help them by inviting them to Gmail.

    Though this campaign had a chance to be a normal campaign, Gmail didnt let it be so, by placing this ad all over Gmail and Google sites to irritate you. How does it irritate?

    Here’s how:


    As soon as you goto , this promotion greets you at the bottom. Though it is not such a big irritation, the idiotically dressed and weird looking guy in the video creeps me out, as well as other conservative GMail users.

    It is also not easy on the eye. Something that doesn’t blend well in the Gmail website UI.


    The biggest irritation that Google offers is placing a disturbing, red link to this promotion in the Gmail user interface. It is, irritatingly, placed right below the search buttons and above the mail control buttons.

    Any accidental click will take you to another URL, which you would have to quit every time you click this.

    A massive irritation indeed.

    Google, if you are reading this, please take off the promotion and advert off Gmail. You’re ruining it.

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