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Google Alexander Calder doodle
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  • Google-doodle-alexander-calderYesterday, on the 22nd of June, 2011, Google unleashed its new Doodle – to celebrate the 133th birthday of Alexander Calder – the one behind the invention of designer mobiles that are based on the principle of equilibrium and center of gravity.

    What’s epic and special about this doodle is that Google claims that this was made entirely out of HTML5 – the first ever Google doodle to be so. This also means that you need a “modern” browser to run this doodle properly- such as Mozilla Firefox 5, Google Chrome (recommended) and Internet Explorer 9

    Another amazing feature is that this doodle supports accelerometer functions. For example, if you own a MacBook and you use Google chrome, then, if you tilt your browser, the mobile starts moving. Its that awesome.

    But for people without a Macbook, if you want to see this rotating, just drag the image in any direction.

    For those who missed this yesterday, a permalink is yet to be launched in the Google Doodle website.

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