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Hack Microsoft Office & do awesome things
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  • Microsoft Office is the breath of every office, company, corporate, professional around here. You cannot imagine your existence without it. Its that important.

    But what you did not know is that Microsoft office can be used to do a lot of awesome stuff. The following are a collection of Microsoft office.

    1. The Random text trick :


                    Microsoft Office Word can generate pages together of words (not just some random characters) and sentences. To do this, type the following in Microsoft word and press [enter] button.

    As soon as you press enter, Word generates about 565 pages of text starting with :

    On the Insert tab, the galleries include items that are designed to coordinate with the overall look of your document. You can use these galleries to insert tables, headers, footers, lists, cover pages, and other document building blocks.

    Older versions of Word, such as the ones before 2007 will generate a text similar to :

    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

    Whatever it is, enjoy this awesome trick!

    2.The 9/11 tribute :

    Microsoft decided to pay a tribute to the victims of 9/11 by dedicating an entire font in their honor. Fire up Microsoft Office Word and type Q33NY (all caps) and now change the font to “Windings”. Here is what happens:



    As you can see, a plane crashing to two towers, followed by death and destruction, and a link to an Arab country.

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