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How to Voice Search (with Google)
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  • Lots of people use Google Chrome. And double to triple number of people than that use Google.

    If you didn’t already know about it, then definitely, you must be living under a rock.

    As you would have know, Google Chrome supports the unique functionality of being the only browser (at the time of writing) to support advanced HTML5 features like Speech-to-Text recognition and more…

    So far, Google is the only website that uses this technology, and as a bid to make its browser more popular, Google has recently announced Speech-to-text support on its homepage.

    What does that mean? Well, it means that from now on, you can speak to Google to get to your search results. That simple.

    How do you avail it? Well, there is a minor hiccup. You can access this only through Googlegoto-Google-regional Chrome. And  you can access it only through the main Google website, not your regional Google website like or , etc .. Only available on

    Here’s how you do it:google-speech-microphone

    1) Click on the Microphone icon in the search bar  - The one given in the picture.

    2) Now, you will get a popup from the icon and all you have google-speech-to-textto do is to speak up properly and be heard by the Speech-to-text engine to convert into text and for Google to display your search results.

    The image on the left describes what you should do.

    Expecting something more? Thats it! Go try it out now.

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