Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is Google favoring Google Chrome?
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  • We all know that Google owns Google Chrome and is doing its best to promote it, even if several law suits are over it.

    From the Google Chrome ads on TV, to the Chrome ads on print media and newspapers. But Google’s latest technique is to create an impression on the web user’s minds that Google Chrome is superior to all other browsers out there, and people are useless in trying to use any other browser than Chrome.

    Proof of my accusation: Google-favouring-Chrome-Gmail

    In the above picture, this option was found in Gmail. As you know, Desktop notifications lets you get notifications whether there is any new mail, to your desktop, from Gmail.

    It is well known that currently, only Chrome allows this new feature, but Google uses the term “upgrade”.

    If you think that isn’t offensive, then mind you, it is. Google should have changed the word from “upgrade” to “change” or similar. Currently, no major browser filesuit is filed against Google Chrome but is Google looking to change that?

    The answer lies in the question.It is! No favoritism, Google!

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