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Facebook's chat bars
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  • Facebook, as we all know it, keeps changing  very often. More often, that we forget what it looked like earlier!

    But now, thanks to the huge popularity of Facebook and the number of people using it, Facebook has decided to fiddle with the chat bar, thus providing two types of chat bars  - the one with the side bar (the new one) and the one without the sidebar (the old one).

    Before you start questioning me on why the other one is not working for you, let me tell you something. The sidebar version of the chatbar (Picture given below: Click on it to enlarge)  works for only computer's (or rather monitors), which have a screen resolution of more than 1024x768. If your computer supports a higher resolution that this, then chances are that you already have this Facebook chat bar. This sidebar docks at the sides and is always open (you can chose to close it)

     Coming back to the old chat bar, we are all familiar with it. This one is default to all monitors supporting a resolution of 1024x768 or less. This chat bar doesn't dock with the side, and you have to click on it manually to open it.

    If you have the old side bar, and have taken this throwback in a serious way, then all you need to do to get the new sidebar is to:
     1) Press the Ctrl button on your keyboard.
     2) Simultaneously press the "-" button on your keyboard, till you get the sidebar. (By doing so, you will have to sacrifice on readability)

    Do you have the new sidebar? What's you opinion of it?? 

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