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Get Opera Mini on your computer!
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  • Opera mini is the most used mobile web browser ever. That is a know fact. Chances are, if you have a smart phone with you, you might as well have Opera Mini installed on it. opera_mini_logo

    Now what if you can get that awesome browser, on your computer? (Applicable for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Operating Systems) Well, that is possible, all thanks to Opera’s mobile emulator.

    First of all, let me show you some screenshots I captured with it.

    Mobile-emulator Mobile-emulator-opera-mini

    Mobile-emulator-opera-mini-interface Mobile-emulator-opera-mini-website

    As you can see, this is opera mini running on Windows XP. As you might have guessed, you need to Mobile-emulator-opera-mini-facebookinstall the Opera Mobile Emulator to get this running. Click here to install it.

    This 11 MB installation file has a whole gift package inside! As soon as you open it, you get to chose the mobile you want to emulate and also the screen resolution,etc. After that, Click on the launch button to launch the browser and then Opera Mini opens up.

    You get the same keypad as the actual one. Whats  special about this is that websites recognize your Opera Mini and OS as a mobile web browser, and treat it accordingly! (The picture above shows Google in its Mobile page).

    Facebook too is in its mobile version.

    Like Opera Mini on your phone, you do get the special functionality of adding tabs, etc…

    If you are worried whether or not your system supports it, then fret not. It doesn’t occupy much memory and runs awesomely smooth on my machine with 512 MB of RAM.

    And last of all, Enjoy!

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