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Say hello to the new blogger!
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  • Blogger, as we knew it, has changed. Google, as we knew it, is changing. We, at TechCovered, have managed to capture a few of these changes - in the articles below, like:
    1) Youtube player change
    2) The Gmail change
    3) Google Voice Search
    4) Google search
    and more...
    But now, here is some good news for all bloggers who use Blogger... Google is changing Blogger!!

    The first and foremost noticable change is that the whole interface of Blogger has changed to make it look more sleek and more easier to use than the old one.

    Now, here is a screen shot of the  changes I observed...

    Old Blogger:

    New Blogger:

    Apart from that, the interface also starts to resemble the look of Gmail and Google with its Gray search buttons and blue-white-gray looks.

    Everything is just perfect when it comes to writing posts. Google has made life easier for bloggers by implementing Google Scribe in blogger posts. What does that mean?
    This means that you can now type better in blogger posts, all thanks to the help of Google Scribe, which shows you word suggestions as you type! Like this one for example. ( All you need to do is press space to accept a suggestion posted by the automatic text suggestions.

    Also now, Google has implemented full page post typing page, unlike the older one, where you had to type out everything in a small box.

    Before you start drooling over it, head on to and then ... err .. Enjoy!
    (Note: You can still access the old one (NOT RECOMMENDED) or use the new one as the default one for( like me!) )

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