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Facebook updates privacy and adds features
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  • Facebook, these days, is getting busy, as it has found a worthy new competitor - Google+ and it has to catch up with it to stay ahead of the pack, with its great new features.

    If you haven't known about it already, then here's news for you. You know the place where you type your status, well .. Its changed. Changed a LOT.

    Here are the three changes you can observe - on Facebook :

    1) Who are you with?
          Facebook has added a small button, with a person's icon, which you can use to tag other people. Facebook asks you to "tag people who you're with", using this button. In other words, just use it to tag people.

    2) Geo-tag yourself
                  You can now give your current location to all your facebook friends using this option (as seen earlier on Facebook places). If you are using a phone, then you can provide your GPS location to your status, but if you are using a computer, without a GPS positioning, Facebook uses your IP address to triangulate your position accurately (to your City).

    3) Better Privacy
                     A Facebook policy is to keep privacy a main concern every time they update Facebook. 
    Now, with this latest (and maybe not the greatest) update of Facebook, they have decided to take privacy as a really important concern, by making it appear in every status update of yours (whether it is already posted or not). What does this mean? Well, it means that you can individually change the visibility of a status from "Friends of Friends" to "Friends only" to "Only Me" and "Custom".  A very appreciated feature. 

    If you dont have this update yet, I guess you'd have to wait your turn as Facebook is applying these changes profile by profile, not as a whole together!

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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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