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Facebook's new hacking methodology!
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  • It is indeed shocking how people fool you, even the brainiest and most technologically advanced of you, to give away your password and to enable the hacker get your password and also work this "magic" other people.

    Facebook has always been prone to much attacks, because most people using it are not technically "smart" and many of us are just prone to attacks.

    In a shocking new hacking and spamming attempt, a brainy hacker (with lots of time to spare + has a great knowledge about flash coding) has come up with a hacking methodology with just 64 lines of PHP coding, that makes you feel like a complete loser after you've fallen a victim to it.

    If you are wondering what I am talking about, you will get to know this, when a friend of yours unwittingly adds a "video" in your wall (it is actually a link to a flash content) and posts a message saying : "why are you in this video?", "what are you doing in this video?", 'I can't believe you're in this vid", "you look so stupid", "is this you??" and most commonly "why are you tagged in this video???"

    As you can see in the picture, this looks just like a video, but it is NOT! On clicking the Play button of the video, the supposed video wont play, but instead, you will get a screen like this.

    This hack exploits the previewing feature of Facebook that lets you preview the video.

    Upon clicking continue, which most people do, a text will be copied to your clipboard and you will then get a following screen.

    If you follow the instructions and do as directed, then all the friends in your friend's list gets a spam from you and as they follow it as per the instructions, they get infected and pass it on.

    This is the way, to get yourself hacked. If you are wondering how to prevent this, then just dont play meaningless videos you get from distant friends.

    [For more information, the hacking code can be found where the hacker hosted it: (Safe to visit it) and the link to the flash video can be found at (Safe to vist) ]

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