Thursday, September 1, 2011

What do you love by Google
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  • You most probably should be hearing about this for the first time.

    Google has launched a new service, by the name "What do you love?" on this address :

    This new service from Google, asks you for a "keyword" that you like and upon pressing the cute little heart-shaped button, you will be sent to a result page, where you will find a lot of things, like:

    1. Images
    2. Maps
    3. Alerts
    4. Popularity
    5. Email about it
    6. Videos
    7. Books
    8. Debates
    9. Blogs
    10. "Call" someone 
    11. Start a discussion
    12. Plan events
    13. Search it on Google (with Chrome)
    14. Find patents about it
    15. Explore it in 3D
    16. Translate it
    17. Latest News about it
    18. Find it on Google Earth
    Basically, Google offers every single one of its service (including highly unnecessary ones), based on the topic.

    If your screen resolution is 1024x768 or less, you may get a similar screen. But if you have a higher resolution, then you also get a flashy sidebar which lets you browse the website with ease and you also get links to share this search on Facebook, Google+, etc

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