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5 reasons why you really shouldn't use Internet Explorer
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  • We all know that Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the worst ever browser. Many advanced geeks recommend you not use it at all because of various reasons. I am a stout Firefox/Chrome user and after using Internet Explorer 8 for a day, here are the many complaints I come up with.Here, I give you a top-down of  5 reasons why you should seriously stop using Internet Explorer and get a life!

    1) Accelerators

    A really useless and over-hyped feature of IE is its "accelerator".

    An accelerator (as told by Microsoft) gives you a seamless browsing experience which makes your daily tasks on the internet easier.

    In short: they ran out of ideas and gave birth to this absurd and useless concept that would look better on paper than being implemented.

    2) Tabs

    Tabs on Internet Explorer

    The tabs on Chrome
    The most horrible part of Internet Explorer is the part where the tabs come into play. Unlike several other "modern" browsers, which gives complete attention to its tabs, IE treats them like a criminal and gives them the least real estate on the screen. That is a strict no-no for any self respecting geek.

    3) Compatibility 

    While the internet is flooding with various websites, supporting various new web technologies,  like HTML5,  advanced flash, etc, IE does not even bother on supporting HTML5 (I am talking about IE8, guys).

    Not only does it not support html, but it also does not comply to the basic statndards of the web. It does not even pass Acid test 3!!

    4) Memory Guzzler

    If you are not aware about this fact, then here it is: Internet Explorer is a memory guzzler.
    The following is the screenshot of the memory used by IE on a windows XP machine, with 3 tabs open.  Below the highlighted section is the memory consumption of Firefox with 3 tabs open. Now, we can all clearly see which monster guzzles/consumes the most memory!
    IE consumers memory like a hummer drinks gas, but its performance is like a 1950 era car

    5) Add-ons

    Every self respecting browser must have atleast its own collection of addons. Even the browsers which didnt have addon support, forcefully, made way to them - with Opera and Safari being the latest browsers providing addon support. IE, meanwhile, doesnt even mention the word "addon"anywhere.

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