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Access blocked websites
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  • It is a very common practice followed in offices - blocking websites so that the employers get the maximum productivity from their employees.

    But everyone gets tired of constantly being censored and they try to get ways to access blocked websites. I will give you 3 ways to access blocked websites:

    1) Use another DNS server :

    DNS server stands for Domain Name Server, which translated (for example) - http://www.google.com to its IP address The Tech department of your office may have forbidden sites like Facebook, Orkut, and etc from accessing these name servers. What do you do?

    Just goto Control Panel > Network Connections and select the name of your internet connection.Click on properties and select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and select Properties once again and "   (Users from other OS like the Macintosh and Linux have their own different methods of doing this).

    Now, in the DNS server field, type any of these DNS servers :

    Primary :
    Secondary :   (or)

    OpenDNS :

    Primary :
    Secondary :

    This might do the trick. If it doesn't, read on:

    2) Use a mobile browser:

    While this may sound weird, I had earlier mentioned an article which lets you run Opera Mini on your computer.  A secret of why Opera Mini can be used is that when you enter an address to Opera mini, the browser feeds the address to its server, which compresses them and gives the compressed data back to you. You can use this method, to get an unrestricted access to browsing the internet without any censorship! (Note: This may be the best way to access Social Networking sites, like Facebook,Google+ etc)

    3) Anonymous surfing:

    There are thousands of websites on the internet that offer you anonymous surfing over the net. Anonymous surfing refers to the act of covering your IP address while you are browsing over the net. While you may think that this has no relation with accessing blocked website, proxy sites also convert the content into encoded text, and decodes it straight in your browser. As simple as that.
    Some proxy sites are http://daveproxy.co.uk, http://hidemyass.com , etc

    Hope this helped you. If you need more help, just comment!

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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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