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Avoid being redirected by search engines
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  • Search engines like Google, Bing, etc try their best to offer their fellow searchers contents from their own region. But there are cases when you, as a search user, don't want to be redirected to your country, and instead, search from the USA or the default version of their favorite search engines.
    So you type, but you get redirected to, or whatever your locale is.

    Google's USA version, for example, has implementation of the latest technologies (for example: The panda algorithm change of Google had been implemented first in the USA). Interface changes also have been most experimented with, in the USA version of Google. Bing too, similarly, has more functions in the USA version of the website (like the HTML5 video version of the site is available only to the USA version of the website).
    The above screenshot illustrates the differences in Bing US and Bing India. (Notice that Bing India is still in Beta)
    So, what do you do to avoid this? Sure, you can always change it in the preference option of your search engine, but that is not an easy way to do so. Use the following steps to solve the problem :

                        Google, to make life easier, has offered a simple, yet effective solution. To get the Google USA version as default, just point your browser to Thats it. As simple as that. Incase you set your browser's homepage to, then you can go to the USA version by default, by adding "ncr" to it.

    Incase you are wondering what ncr is, it stands for "No Country Redirection".

    Bing :
                     Bing is the second most used search engine after Google. As you can see from the picture above, Bing severely considers the USA version of the Bing website as the supreme one and the rest of it is all considered as its subordinates.

    Changing your version to USA by default is not easy, but it is still possible. To select the country you want to set as your default, just goto this URL : and then select your country.

    Then, the URL can be copied and can be set as your default homepage in the browser of your choice. Incase your selection is the USA version, then, you can set this as your homepage :

    Hope this article helped you.

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