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Browse websites without leaving Facebook
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  • Facebook is usually know for its strict control over the authorities it provides to apps. But with the latest Microsoft-Facebook partnership, a lot has changed and Facebook has overseen all the permission rules to provide the Bing app on Facebook access the internet through Facebook itself.

    The image above shows the screenshot of the Bing app on Facebook. All you need to do to get access to the internet is to use the bing app ( on Facebook.  As usual, grant access to the App and then, voila! The whole internet is in your hands, through Bing, ofcourse.

    Unfortunately, you cannot type in the address of the place you are going to visit, but the search engine does help. If you are wondering what are the practical applications or usefulness of this trick, then I regret to inform you that this trick is not useful at all, but is good to know it, so that you are ready to implement it, in whatsoever condition you are in.

    However, websites that dislike being framed in iframe (like for example, simple redirect you to the original website, thus leading you away from the facebook page.

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