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Check whether a particular username is available on many sites
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  • Imagine this case senario where you are going to create a brand, (what ever it may be). So, you scout through everysite like Facebook, Google+, twitter, Gmail, etc, just to find that each and every name of your brand has been taken! Then, you start regretting about it and then decide to change your Brand name, which maybe too late, by the time you finish checking all possibilities on every site.

    So what do you do?

    Many sites out there in the internet give you the option of searching the internet for usernames across multiple domains to see if they are available on the internet, for your brand.

    The most popular site in this category is namechk This site offers you the option of searching across as much as 163 sites for your brand name, including Facebook, Gmail, Picasa, Blogger, Quora, photobucket, imageshack, netlog, ryze, and many more sites which you probably have never even heard of.

    Another service is CheckUsernames, which too offers a similar variety of sites but the number is a tad less - only 160 sites are checked. A reason you should use this site is that it provides an info box, containing all the information of the site. There is also a premium version of the site, for people who are into brand management, etc.

    The third service which offers this functionality is usernamecheck, which searches for usernames only on 20 social networking sites. This service is , obviously, the quickest of all other sites, mainly due to its low number.

    Namecheck and Namecheckr are websites which check usernames too - but not as much as that of Namechk or CheckUsernames. They also offer a functionality of checking for domain names on multiple top level domains. This might be very useful for brand professionals, trying to set up a website.

    Happy hunting!

    UPDATE: Thank you Streko for recommending another site - KnowEm.

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