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Chrome slowly overtaking Firefox?
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  • TechCovered is one of the popular upcoming Technology site, whose visitors consists mostly of people who are interested in Technology and websites and it also includes people who are amatures in technology as well as professionals in technology.

    So, what I meant to say was that the visitors of TechCovered reflects the present crowd of the internet, and any response from them, or any analysis obtained from them is valid enough to be considered as a representation of the habits of the people across the internet.

    So, it might be a shocking trend to notice that actually, Chrome and Firefox are having a steep neck-to-neck competition among the web users and Internet explorer is far behind of the competition, according to the stats of TechCovered, which conflicts with the present market of web browsers.

    Take a look at the stats recorded by TechCovered :

     As you can see from the picture, Chrome is leading the pack with 36% of the total visits this week and Firefox just behind of chrome with 36%.

    The mean comparison shows that Chrome is slightly overtaking Firefox at its own game, slowly, bit by bit.

    Internet Explorer, as usual, is the laughing stock, with less that 18% of the total visits. Opera too has managed to get a fairly decent sum of visits where as the other browsers like Safari, Mobile Browsers, Mobile Safari (from the iPod and iPhone, iPad ), Jasmine, Seamonkey and Minefield (linux) scoring less than 2%.

    So, chrome has finally conquered Internet Explorer and is now trying its best to beat Firefox out of the competition.

    In case you are wondering about the Operating systems, Windows still leads the pack with more than 83% of the visits.

    Mac comes next, followed by Linux, which is showing a decreasing sign, but is expected to come back, especially with the launch of Ubuntu's latest version.

    Mobile OS's like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry comes later on.

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