Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chrome store undergoes dramatic changes
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  • We all remember the chrome store as the intuitive place, over hyped by Google, where you can always download nifty apps for your Chrome (and remove them days after you get bored).

    Well, guess what.. Google Chrome Store has undergone major design changes, to resemble a serious app store for your Chrome. Here is how it looks after the changes :

    A screenshot is not really necessary as you can visit the site here. The navigations are made simpler, with the left side bar remaining stationary. There are no page numbers, because you scroll down just to discover that there is an endless stream of apps.

    Google has been partial, by showing the sponsored and featured apps in the begginging, whereas the most downloaded apps - (For example - Adblock )  have been pushed downwards. However, you can still access the apps by clicking on the popular category.

    This change symbolically marks the rise of Chrome's app store and the decline of Mozilla's, which has remained the way it is for about half a decade!

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