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Create a form through Google Docs
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  • An awesome but relatively lesser known feature of Google is Google Docs. It is an immensely functional and simple online tool, which is almost like MS-Office on the web. However, it is not as advanced as the offline version of MS Office, but it still does the job.

    A relatively new feature of Google docs is its capability to create forms. If you are wondering what a form is, then just go to the TechCovered help page. Here, you can see a webform, made in Google Docs, that is embedded to this site in the form of an < iframe > [for people who dont know what I am talking about, read on!].

    Obviously, to use Google Docs, you do need a Google account.

    As soon as you login to Google docs, (you most probably will be seeing a new interface because of the recent changes in Google ), select on the Create button and click on the Form option. Then you will be redirected to the form editing page, where you can easily create a form and monitor the responses you get too!

    A useful feature of the form editor is the option you have to add a theme, email the form to someone, embed the form to your website (this is the part where you copy the given code and paste it in the HTML editor of your website ).

    Another website which offers to create forms is SurveyMonkey. There are options like a paid service, free service, etc, but I still would prefer google docs because of its robustness and simplicity.

    A great feature of Google Docs is that you can see the responses you get from the forms in the form of a spreadsheet.

    This feature is especially helpful if you want to analyze the responses bit by bit and also compare them. Since you can also perform several mathematical functions (just like excel), this is a blessing in disguise.

    Try it out now!

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