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Find "Siri" on Twitter!
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  •         iPhone 4S's Siri - the virtual assistant who resides on your iPhone and does all the things (not all - only some of them) you tell it, has taken the world by storm since the day it was launched (and especially after Steve Jobs died) .

            People started to like Siri so much, that a simple search of "Siri" on Google yielded as much as 164,000,000 results, with more to come later on, and it trended Twitter for almost 3 days in a row.

         The latest madness for Siri comes in the form of Twitter accounts, which are dedicated to Siri. All you have to do is tweet something mentioning the twitter handle of the "Siri" account, and the friendly (and sarcastic) person behind the account responds to you! Although Siri is not actually controlling this, a bunch of teenagers maybe, but it is getting its due attention, with many such accounts having ~2000 followers.

    Here are some Siri accounts you should have some fun with! :

    1) @OfficialSiri :
    This account is by far the most funniest of them all. Have fun!

    2) @I_Am_Siri :
    This account too is generating a lot of followers, and damn, is he sarcastic!

    3) @TheSh*tSiriSays
    Although not actually a "Siri" account, the tweets about Siri are awfully funny!

    4) @SiriLogs

    Another account that makes fun of what Siri tells out to you.

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