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Fix that dll files not found error
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  • Get your dll files from the internet
    Have you ever experienced the grueling pain when you one day try to open program, and an error message suddenly pops up, telling you that an application cannot run because some "dll" file is missing?

    DLL is a windows library, which stands for Dynamic Link Library, which contains all the important data, that a program stores. Ever the windows Operating System stores some important application data in the form of DLL's, and if you accidentally manage to delete a DLL file, then chances are that Windows may not boot (worst case scenario), or some  programs may not boot, or you may even get an error message everytime Windows start.

    A sample DLL file on Windows XP
    So, what do you do to avoid this? Very simple. The next time that error message comes up, note down the name of that DLL file and just head on to DLL-Files ( the most trustworthy site I have ever found out for hosting DLL's ). Though the site may look a bit weird, it has the best collections of DLL-files, on the internet.

    Before you download any DLL file that matches your query, be sure to check if that is the DLL file that you really want. For example, if you need a file named "d3dx10_34.dll" , then you are probably searching for Microsoft DirectX 10 file. Similarly, you should find a file that matches with your situation, not just any random file that comes up first in the search results.

    Similarly, after downloading the file, you should place the dll file in the correct place. For example, if you downloaded a DLL file for a game, then you should probably place the DLL file in the game directory, and maybe also leave copies in its "bin" folder.

    If you dont know where to place it, you just have to experiment with locations, unless your program opens. In most cases, you should place the file in the "C:\Windows\System32" directory of your computer.

    Also, the files you download maybe in the form of a zip file, for which you may have to extract it. You should also disable hiding files in the Folder options, so that you are able to view the system files.

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