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Get Facebook Video Calling
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  • After Microsoft bought Skype, all the geeks out there was expecting Facebook to roll out with its new video calling feature. Since Microsoft and Facebook have partnered a  long time ago, Facebook had got the technologies from Skype and it has now implemented Video calling feature.

    Before you start jumping around and Googling about how to get Video Calling, here is a step by step detailed instruction of how to get it:

    (You should be ofcourse logged into Facebook to avail this. You need a webcam and a microphone too!)

    1) Goto and click on the green "Get Started button"

    2) Next, Go to your Facebook account and go to the profile of any person who is online (not with his mobile, but with his computer)

    3) Click on the button of the online Facebook user and click on the Call option.
    If you running this for the first time, you will get the "Set Up" wizard, from which you would have to download the Facebook Plugin.
    4) Download the Facebook Video Call Plugin and then install it.

    The installation is similar to that of Google Chrome and dont be scared if the installer exists after installing, without any confirmation message.

    5) Unlike the Google Video Plugin, you dont have to restart your browser. Now, all you need to do is to go to an online profile and click on the Settings icon and select Call.

    6) If the person is online, he will receive a Call from you. If the person has already set up Facebook Video Call plugin, then he can effortlessly receive you call, else he would also have to download the plugin and install it.
    Calling a profile on Facebook
    What happens when the profile is using an old browser

    Shockingly, and unexpectedly, this plugin does not drag down the computer and consume lots of memory. So its three cheers to Facebook!

    If you are wondering whether your browser is supported, Facebook's help page says that any "modern" browser is supported (not only Google Chrome - as always advertised by Google)
    Facebook also added the Video icon on top of the normal chat bar, so that you may find it convenient to Video chat instantly.
    And if you are wondering about multiple video chat (from different persons) it is still not possible, and Google+ definately has an edge with its Google+ Hangout feature.

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