Friday, October 21, 2011

Google kills the '+' operator in search
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  • Friday, October 21, 2011
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  • If you are a google fanatic and have researched a lot over the internet on how to refine your google search results, well then, here is news for you.
    This has nothing to do with Google+

    Google, seemingly, has replaced its '+' operator, that was, once, frequently used in search refining. For example, during the earlier times, if you searched for  " Google +maps " , you would get all articles relating to Google and with the keyword "maps" .

    But thanks to the launch of Google+ , Google has decided to drop the '+' operator in its searches. For example, if your type "Google +maps" , you get the following message from Google.

    So what does this tell you, it tells you to use the quotes ( " " ) for keywords, instead of the +. As simple as that, even though no functionality of the search is affected.

    Other search engines like Bing, etc still seem to carry the + operator. Like this example.

    Way to go, Google!

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