Friday, October 28, 2011

Guardian introduces Twitter-bot
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  • News network - Guardian, has released a new twitter bot, named "Guardian Tag Bot" - which searches for anything you mention to it in your tweet and posts a reply, with your username.
    If you are still confused on what it does:

    You want to search about "Technology"...

    So, you mention @GuardianTagBot in your tweet along with your search query.
    The tweet is sent to the bot, and ...

    You get a mention from one of the subsidiaries of GuardianTagBot (like GuardianTagBot1, GuardianTagBot2, GuardianTagBot3, etc .. depending upon the load).

    You Click on the link and then, you are redirected towards the results page. But the search results are only from The Guardian website.

    This makes your act of searching for news a tad simpler and since the results page is designed for mobiles, portability is assured.

    But does it violate the Twitter Terms of Service?  I dont think so, because twitter has not mentioned anything about a bot tweeting from a profile, or multiple accounts belonging to a single source, etc.

    A lot of comparisons are being made, which compares this to the AI of iPhone 4S, Siri. However, the people behind this service made a statement which makes it all clear to us "GuardianTagBot is not Siri."

    UPDATE: Sending search queries to its other subsidiaries will also get you the result, but from the same bot itself.

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