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How to Install Windows from USB
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  • This works with any version of Windows, not just XP
    No one uses Windows much these days, expect people who's computer configurations do not support Windows 7, and ofcourse, netbook users.

    Some companies, try their best to add as much features to their netbooks as possible, that they do not include an Optical CD or DVD drive, often forcing users to stick with the current OS from the manufacturer. Desktop users with damaged CD drives also benefit by this method.

    Here is how you install any version of Windows to your computer, from the USB drive :


    1)To do this, you should have a pendrive with atleast 2GB of space. There's no problem if its more, but not less than 2GB.

    2) You should have another computer, (with which you can perform the following tasks), with Windows XP CD. If you have only the .iso file with you, try using Daemon tools to mount the iso file as a virtual CD or just extract the files to a seperate folder.

    Steps :

    1) Download WinToFlash , a tool which will simplify the process of installing Windows XP to your pendrive.

    2) Now, plug in your USB drive and also insert (or mount) your Windows XP cd drive.

    3) Run WinToFlash (by clicking all the "Accept", "Next>"... etc till the wizard ends) and click on the Windows Setup Transfer Wizard.

    4) After the dialog box comes up, click on the "Next" button

    5)After that, you will come across a screen where you would have to enter the location of the drive and also the location of your Windows installation file.

    As you can see, this also supports Windows 8!
    6) Click on the next button

    7) Click on the "Accept" radio button and then click Continue.

    8) After that, the program slowly performs all the tasks one-by-one.

    All you need to do is go out for a cup of coffee and by the time you are back, the program would have completed installing the Windows installation on your USB.

    Click on Next> Exit after the process is completed.

    But wait, thats not all! You have just created the installation, but you still have to install it!


    1) With the pendrive on, restart the computer. When the computer shuts down, and tries to start again, hit the F1 or F2, or F12, or the DEL buttton rapidly (varies from different motherboards) to go to the BIOS.

    2)  Search for an option called Boot Priority in the Boot Tab and set the USB to the first priority (for those who dont know how to do this, just leave a comment)

    3) Now, after the computer starts again, you will get two options: 
              1st, text mode setup (Boot from flash again after finished)
             2nd, GUI mode setup, continue setup + 1st start of Windows

     Select the first option, and let Windows Installation set up do the rest. After a point, the computer will restart and you would have to then select the 2nd option. After that, all you need to do is sit back and relax, with an occasional entering your product key and selecting timezones, network settings, etc.

    Hope this helped you.

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