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Link all your email accounts to Gmail
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  • Gmail is one of the most used web email service provider. One of its special feature is that it allows you to download POP3 and IMAP content from other email providers and view them as new mail in Gmail. For example, if you have an account called "xyz@hotmail.com", then you can get all those mails, including the new ones, directly to your Gmail account!

    Here is what you should do to get it:

    1) Login to your Gmail account and Click on the settings icons and then select "Mail Settings"

    2) Upon being directed to the settings page, click on the "Accounts and Import" tab.
    3) Scroll down a bit and then select the "Add your own POP3 account" from the "Check Mail using POP3 account option"

    Upon selecting that option, you will get a dialogue box, where you would have to enter all the required data, like the Email address of your other account, the password, etc...

    Next, you will come across this set of options :

    1) Select this option if you want a copy of your mail to remain in your mails inbox.
    2) Use this option if you want Google to access your mail through a protected and secure connection.
    3) Select any label, so that Google can tell you that the mail has come from your other mail inbox
    4) Use this option if you want it to skip the inbox and goto the archive.

    Click on the Add Account, to save the settings.

    You can do this a number of times. Whenever a new mail comes to your other mail's inbox, Gmail will fetch it for you, so that you may not be required to leave your Gmail inbox at all!

    Hope you liked the tutorial!

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