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Solve the Google+ underage problem
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  • If you were to ask me what is wrong with Google+, then I all would tell you, is that Google+ does not allow youngsters, below 18 years of age, to sign up, on Google+. Instead, it returns with a message saying

    This feature is not available for your account
    You must be over a certain age to use this feature. Learn more.

    Ofcourse, you may look for ways to change the date of birth of your account, but that is impossible to do, as Google does not give out an option of changing that. So, whatever age you enter during the signing up of your Google account is considered to be the fact and you can't change it.

    The next thing that comes to your mind is to create a new Google account. Though creating a new account with false age information (which is not illegal) is a solution, it means that you have to lose all the mail of your previous Google account + you have to give out your new email ID to all your friends, family, etc and incase you have linked that google account to other sites like youtube, orkut, Google Docs, then you are at a loss.

    So here is an awesome way to overcome this problem. Here come the steps!

    1) First of all, sign out of all your current Google account and then create a new account. ( with a age of more than 18 years!!! Dont Forget! )

    2) After successfully creating that account, sign out of it. Then login to your old Gmail Account. (Note: This is COMPULSORY!)

    3) Then, click on this link (https://accounts.google.com/AddSession?hl=en&continue=http://www.google.com/) and sign in again with the new account you have created.

    4) As soon as you sign in with your new account, then proceed to Google+ (https://plus.google.com/) and then create your new profile! (Be careful when it comes to the age factor)

    Now, you have a fully working Google+ account. Congrats! Now, if you are wondering what we did over here, I would like to tell you that you used Google's "Multiple Sign in" feature, which allows you to link two or more google accounts and use them simultaneously, without having to sign out and login, turn by turn.

    So now that your new account is active, here is how you can switch back to your previous account and forth, with great ease!

    Near the lever sign on top of the Google homepage, click on your account and then select the "SWITCH ACCOUNT" option.

    If you have correctly set up your account, then you will have two options. The default account (the old one) and the new account. Whenever you want to use Gmail or related, use the old account and whenever you want to you Google+, you use the new one! 
    As simple as that!

    Hope you understood this in detail. Thanks a lot.

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