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Update default software on your phone
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  • Many mobile phone vendors these days usually advertise their phone models with software these days. Vendors install softwares on the devices and mention about them in the features and we, as customers, buy these. The phone will, in no doubt, have the required software - as mentioned by the vendor, but the real problem is when you try to update this software that the phone software throws out an error message to you, saying something like "Default software cannot be updated".

    This may be done by vendor to prevent the user from removing the software, but this action also restricts you to update the software. In my case, when I bought the Micromax Qube x560, I tried to update my default opera mini browser. But unfortunately, when I tried to do so, the phone popped out an error message - saying "Default Game cannot be Updated".

    But what could you do to update your software? Should you just give up? Well, being a tech nerd, I didnt want to give up and then tried my best to install it. After an hour of head cracking, I found the perfect solution.

    Here is what you should do:

    1) First of all,you will need a computer. The following steps cannot be done entirely in your mobile. After you are ready to do this, download the piece of software you would want to install in your phone. It must be in a .jar format.

    2) Second of all, you need to have an archiving tool, like WinRar or 7-zip (recommended). After you download and install one of these, right-click the .jar file and open it with the archiving tool.

    3) After you open the archive, you may see a folder or a file with the name "Manifest" or "Meta-Inf".


    4) What you need to do, is to extract this file/folder into the desktop. Inside the folder, you may spot a file, with a name "MANIFEST.MF". Open that file with Notepad and then you may get a text similar to this.

    5) As you can see I have opened the Manifest information of Opera browser, all you need to do is to change some fields in this file.
    For example, instead if "Opera Software ASA" in MIDlet-Vendor , you can punch in your name.
    And instead of Opera Mini in MIDlet-Name, you can punch in just Opera or anything else.

    Like this, for example: 

    Do not, however, change the permission list or anything else.

    6) As soon as you are through with this, all you need to do is to put the updated version of the manifest back to the archive. Just drag the manifest folder and drop it to the open window of WinRar or 7-Zip containing your jar file.

    Then try installing this particular jar file into your phone and voila! It will install!

    (Note: If in anycase it doesn't install, you might want to make the correct changes to the manifest file.)

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