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Watch TV on the internet with FreezTV
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  • "Watching TV on the internet." This is one of the few concepts that have not been fully utilized by programs, these days. Apart from the fact that millions of search on Google take place with the same query, most of them end up in disappointment.

    FreeZ Online TV is one of the many free softwares out there, which offers free online TV (that actually works) and is a guaranteed not a virus.
     Freez Online TV boasts of having more than 3500+ channels, which are all free to view on the internet. This piece of software is also attracting lots of attention, especially after listed this software as one of the most downloaded softwares in 2011.

    Coming back to the functionality of the program: The program boasts of a large variety of channels but it was a bit disappointing to know the fact that most of the channels out there simply dont work. It must be because of the technical overload of the FreeZ servers' , because of popular demand.

    If you plan to watch internet TV, then be warned - You should have an internet connection of more than 512 KbPs (Kilo Bits per second), to watch the channels flawlessly, else you may have the horrible of the horrible experience watching this, especially with the slow buffering speed of their servers.

    The interface of FreeZ online TV

    Installing the software was a bit challenging, especially since the only way to download the program was through and they give out their special "download manager", which lets you download and install the program without closing the window.
    You should also be careful to uncheck their "Toolbar" and their "Homepage" option, as to not hurt your browsing experience.

    Their software makes use of Windows Media player controls and hence, it is highly recommended that you download the latest version of Windows Media Player 11, to make your experience seamless.

    You can download the software here.

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