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Make the Internet Family Friendly
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  • Admit it or not, the internet is filled with dirty and disgusting stuff, so much thatinternet-friendly according to my opinion, anyone below 18 should not be allowed to explore the underbelly of the internet. If you agree with me, you are one of the people who do not allow your children at home to use the internet.


    But as times change, we all need the internet, whether it is to access your social networking sites, or for the research needed for your kid’s projects and assignments. So, how to we make sure that the internet is clean enough for your family?

    The answer is very simple. Use OpenDNS to do the job for you.


    OpenDNS is a widely well known Domain Name Service provider company that works its best in providing domain names for your queries (converting a website name to its IP address) and also providing you with internet securities, which you will be using to protect your web.


    First of all, to avail the services of OpenDNS, you should change your DNS servers to match with that of their servers:

    Here is how you do that: [Click on screenshots to enlarge]


     open-network-connections-control-panel right-click-internet-xp tcp-ip-change-properties changing-dns-server-xp

    (The above is for Windows XP – Windows Vista,7, Mac may also be similar to this)


    The next step is to create an account on OpenDNS.  After that, goto the OpenDNS Dashboard and click on settings and select “add-this-network ”. Your current IP address will be stored. You should also download the OpenDNS updater (Windows) [For others, go here] to automatically update your IP address on their servers.


    Now comes the part where you protect your system. Goto Settings and select any of your network. Out of the four options, select on Custom and check the options you want:


    You can also show custom messages when sites are not allowed, by open-dns-customizationclicking on the “Customization” option on the sidebar


    If, by any case, you would want to bypass it, all you have to do is to remove the DNS servers.


    Help keep your family safe by making this decision.

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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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