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Be the “Top Commenter” in Facebook comments
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  • Facebook comments is a social plug-in launched by Facebook, which lets webmasters use Facebook as a medium to let their fellow users/visitors to comment on their website. The advantage of implementing this plugin is that if a visitor is already logged in to Facebook, then he can instantly comment on the website without even having to click an extra button.




    To promote this social plugin, Facebook gave birth to a title called “Top Commenter”. If you too, have come across this plugin, then here is how you get the Facebook Top Commenter title.


    1) To get the Top Commenter title, your comments on the social plugin must all be high quality and it must be something that is liked by people. Your actual Facebook account’s data is different from this, and all you have to do is post comments which are “liked” by other people.

    2) Another way to get Top Commenter title is to keep posting comments, whether it is absolutely necessary or not (but definitely not spam), to all the webpages you visit, having Facebook comments enabled. This would eventually make you get some likes, after which you get to become a commenter.

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