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Delete all tweets at one go
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  • Many people, using twitter, have sometime or the other wanted to delete all of their delete all tweets at one gotweets from their twitter account and wanted to start from fresh. After hunting a lot for the  perfect way to do that, I have finally found one service that works properly, but really slowly.


    DeleteMyTweets is a service which gives you the option of deleting all of your tweets from your account. Though the service works properly, I should add deletion-queue-deletemytweetsthat the website is slow in doing so (mainly due to the API limit of the Twitter API), which doesn’t allow the service to cross more than 200 API per hour limit.


    However, the service worked just fine and deleted many of my tweets on the first day itself.


    If you tried this service and didn’t notice any results on the first day, then I suggest you wait for it, as the service , like I said, is slow.


    If you find any other alternatives to this service, do let me know.

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