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Funny halloween costumes related to technology
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  • Halloween is coming up and everyone is getting ready to have some fun by dressing up themselves in something unusual and pleasent.
    The geeks too, have got creative and decided to dress up themselves to show their patriotism, or their hatred towards something tech. Here are a list of photos of geek's costumes that are really funny:

    A picture of John Resig, founder of JQuery, wearing an Internet Explorer 6 logo, which he calls terrifying enough to scare people.
    Tyler Card has built this costume of a Nikon digital camera, that actually works!
    The Angry Birds costume is one of the most famous costumes this Halloween.
    As always, the Robot costume for Halloween never falls short and is always a trend among geeks.

    The GuyPhone has created an awesome iPhone themed Halloween costume, one of which he sold for $5000!
    If you have done something more cooler this Halloween, then do post a link or a picture of your costume!

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