Thursday, November 3, 2011

Google launches app for iPad, pulls it back
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  • The official Gmail App for iPad, which google has been working on for quite sometime now, officially released the app, but soon enough, they pulled back the app due to a massive bug with the notifications.

    In an official post from their blog, the gmail team proudly announced their new iPad app, which supports many features like threaded conversations, push notifications, Auto complete email ID's, etc.

    As soon as the app was available for download, the app received an enormous list of complaints from the users who defined the app as a "big letdown" and "disappointment".

    What shocked an horrified the users was that there was a bug on the app, which caused the notifications to not be shown in the iPad, which received a lot of flank from the users.

    In a tweet post from the official Gmail account, Gmail apologized for the inconvenience caused  and stated that they pulled back the app and would relaunch it as soon as they have fixed the issue and thoroughly tested it.

    Have you used the app? What was your reaction?

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