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Google’s HTTPS for search
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  • Google-httpsGoogle has implemented this new feature for its homepage, which lets any user – who is signed in to his Google account, to automatically use the HTTPS secure connection for his Google searches.   What this means is that you will, from now on, be using a secure and safe version of Google whenever you are logged in to your Google account.


    But, if you are too lazy to open a Google account, Google already has an answer for you, where you can use the Google SSL encryption option for a safe search. So, what basically is the difference, between these two? – Nothing! The latter version of Google has a special “encrypted” text near the Google Logo and the former doesn’t. The encrypted version also doesn’t sport the links which you find at the top of Google.

    Google-https-screenshot   Google-encrypted-screenshot


    What does this mean to web masters? This means that you will no longer be able to get the term the user has searched in Google, as a result of which he has come to your website. So, if a Google user is signed in his account or uses the Google SSL version, then you are in for the worst. Web masters using Google Analytics will be even more paranoid as you wont get the correct reporting – based on keywords.

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