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How to access blog articles of empty blogger homepages
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  • Thanks to the new feature of blogger, it is easier for blog admin to  extensively customize the HTML and CSS source code of the blogger blogs. In some cases, the admin may put a theme on his hosted blog, which may make it impossible for you to read the blog posts.

    Consider the example of, where the blog admin, Amit Agarwal, has moved to another URL, thus making his former blog unreadable, by not displaying his posts on the main page. [However, you can read the old posts, if you have the link].


    Such a blog [as shown in the screenshot], does not allow you to read its articles, by not displaying the list of articles. However, you can still read this blog, with its whole list of articles, by using a simple URL hack.

    While typing the blog name as , just add the query “?m=1”.

    [You will get something like this as the URL :] With this, you can access the whole list of blog posts of the blog, but without the given design.


    You can read any blog post you want, with the actual design, by removing the ?m=1, from the URL. [For example, you can read by removing the last ?m=1 ]

    How/Why does this work?

    In case you are interested on how this works, by typing ?m=1, to the URL, you will be accessing the mobile version of the website. Since blogger doesn’t allow the administrator to edit the HTML code of the mobile site, the admin cannot edit the mobile template - to not show the articles.

    So, while the main template does not show articles, the mobile version of the blog shows them.

    How do you fix this?

    If you are an admin of a blog on blogger, and want to fix this, then all you have to do is to choose to disable mobile templates from your blog (Option to disable found in Templates option of Blogger.)

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