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How to post a status more than 5,000 characters on Facebook
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  • Earlier, Facebook had imposed a limit of 420 characters on every status message. But now, after a really long time, Facebook has extended that limit to 5,000 characters – which most of us really wont use. But, there are some of those who would like to type a  whole lot and post a lot of stuff as their status. But, unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t support that, with its 5000 characters limit.


    Whenever you try to type that really long status, this is the message Facebook comes up with.



    So, is there any other way you post a lengthy status, without posting it as a note? Yes! There is!


    All you need to do is to upload a picture, and type your lengthy status there! Thats it!


    [Click to view screenshots] :

    facebook-status-limit-bypass uploading-photo-facebook






    The picture may not necessarily be anything important. Even a small empty image that you create from the paint can be uploaded.


    After you click on the Post button, the lengthy status will then be posted for anyone to view.


    Lets hope Facebook doesn’t fix this bug!

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