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Jimmy Wales begging for donations?
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    If you have recently been to Wikipedia, you must have  noticed the new banner that always comes up on Wikipedia, whenever you read an article. 

    If you look at the way Wikipedia, in the past few months, have put up with banners, pleading for fellow readers for donation, is kind of a pity.

    According to Alexa, Wikipedia is one of the Top 10 websites on the internet, with an estimate of 454 million or more readers per month! If Wikipedia decides to even put a one line ad, anywhere in its sidebar, then it would no doubt, be earning millions of dollars, enough to keep it running on the internet for years to come.

    But instead, the humble founder of Wikipedia wants to keep Wikipedia ad free, and open to all its readers.

    On the part of TechCovered, I donated a sum of money, and was a bit in high spirits, when Wikipedia thanked me. wikipedia-after-donating

    If you have cash to burn, do consider donating to Wikipedia. After all, if there is no Wikipedia, who will help you with your/your kid’s homework!

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