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Post to Social Networks via Email in Office
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  • You just got yourself a job at an office where social networks are completely banned. In some office Eco systems, the whole of the internet is strictly monitored, which means that you cannot even open your web browser to open up twitter, Facebook, or even any of its clients!

    But you, being a person who is always on social networks, can't simply sit without updating your status, or without getting to know which of your friend is "LOL"-ing at a picture. Here are a set of Tech Tips to get you back on your social networking sites, without as much as even letting your IT department come to know of it: through your Email!


    This is where I tell you how you can post to social networks. First of all, you need to sit at home, and create an account at Posterous, which is a blogging service (like Blogger). Create an account, and register with the Email ID that you are going to be using at your office. (Note: Doing this is a must)

    After that, go to this page and click on the autopost tab. Then click on the Add a service button and link to all the social networks that you are on, or which you would like to update.

    This service supports a lot of websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Pages (YES!), Blogger, Vimeo, Linked In (Very useful if you are looking for Jobs and want to update your profile without anybody else knowing about it), Tumblr, Wordpress, Jaiku, and many many many more!!

    This is by far the most suitable method to post updates to many sites. When the post is posted, you can see it in your profile.

    Now that you have successfully posted to your social network, here are some stuff you should do to get updates from your friends to your email ID:

    Receiving Updates : 

     As mentioned in my earlier post, you can get the RSS feed of your twitter profiles and Facebook pages. Now, the problem is to convert these feeds to emails, which you can receive in your inbox. Many services are available online, like FeedMyInbox which lets you get emails out of the feeds you posted. So, in case you need the updates of a particular friend of yours, all you need to do is to post the RSS feed link and then enter your OFFICE Email ID  and therefore, all updates will be sent to that email.

    But in case of Facebook profiles, where you would like to get the updates from your friends on Facebook, the task becomes a little tougher. In this case, you need to turn ON the notifications through Email of Facebook, so that any updates comes directly to your home email ID.

    Now, turn on the email Forwarding feature of your email ID and forward all mails to your Office Email ID.
    Forwarding is supported in many providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc..

    This method can also work on Linked In, Jaiku or any other social networking services.

    Hope this tutorial worked for you and please, do not get caught trying all this. Cheers!

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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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    What P2P file sharing programs allow you to hand select what you: delete, download, and upload to your ipod?

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