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Posting to twitter from Facebook not possible if under 18
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  • Everyone with Facebook and twitter accounts were really happy when Facebook announced a new feature, which will allow you to post your facebook status to your twitter account whenever you post to your Facebook profile.

    But to many people, this feature would not work on their profiles. They would work on Facebook pages, but not profiles. I have received about four such form submissions, asking me to help them out and solve this issue.

    But after a close inspection, this is what I come to.

    "You cannot post to twitter from your facebook profile, if you are under the age of 18"
     This is because of a simple reason:

    It says on Facebook, that you need to set the privacy setting of your posts with "Public" to enable posting to twitter.
    But, to all people who are below the age of 18, you cannot set your Facebook status to "Public" (The maximum possibility being "Friends of Friends"), which makes it impossible for Facebook to post your twitter status. A kind of a bug with Facebook.

    So there you have it. You cannot post updates from Facebook to twitter from your profile, if you are below 18.

    But a possible overturn of this feature is when you create a new page on Facebook and link it with your twitter account (same procedure), your status updates gets posted on your twitter wall.

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