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Alternatives to the new Twitter UI
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  • Some alternatives to the Twitter twitter-new-interfaceUI.

    Ever since twitter rolled out the new user interface way back in 2010, many people have been against the looks of it. Many people, who had become addicted to the old interface, didn’t want the new one, as they felt it wasn’t that robust and snappy enough.

    Though as time passed, some of the twitter addicts got used to the new UI and after that, there was no problem. But there are still a few people, who still hate the looks of the new twitter.


    To avoid the actual website of twitter, you can always use desktop apps like TweetDeck (though Twitter now owns this app, it looks very very different from twitter), DestroyTwitter, etc. These apps offer a lot of functionality as compared to twitter and are fast on your desktop too. Mobile versions of apps for twitter can be downloaded from here. There is also another option – using Twitter through SMS. Though it may not offer much functionality, it still manages to get the job done and post your tweet on Twitter.


    dabr-screenshotIf you are frequently on your mobile, then mobile twitter may be the default option for you. But if you really hate using that, you can try websites like Dabr, which acts like a substitute for the interface of mobile twitter. It offers a lot of functionality like automatic  preview of images from yfrog, twitpic, etc (Yes! Thats Awesome!) and also a better option if you want to save on costs from your phone’s data plan, because the site is really like (15 kB at max).



    If you want an online substitute for the twitter interface, then you should consider usingbrizzly-facebook Brizzly. Brizzly is a kind of a social media aggregator, which includes support for twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, which can be all single handedly managed from the website itself.

    Though you may experience a few bugs with it, the overall experience should be enough to keep you glued on to it.

    HootSuite also deserves a special mention as it is one of the most popular services that big corporations like Time, Chelsea FC, etc use. Even the guys at white house use HootSuite. Though there is also a paid plan (recommended), the free plan should be enough for your average needs.


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