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Pump up the volume for audio files with low volumes
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    Sometimes, the volume of a audio file may not be as loud as you wish.

    For example, when  you are record any sound from your mobile phone, and try to play it, the sound may be weak to be heard.
    So do you just delete that audio? The answer to the question should be No.

    There are many ways to solve the problem. Earlier, (when Web2.0 was becoming a craze among the people), a certain website, called vloud.com was used to amplify the volume of the website, without the need for any other technical handling of the file. But after a few while, the website was not operational, and the other websites, which do exist now, fail to deliver.

    So, the only option left with you is to use Audacity, an open-source audio editing software, to do the job yourself. If you are scared by the mere mention of the tool, then fret not. Here is a simple way to do that.

    1) As soon as you open Audacity, select the File>Open menu and locate the file you are trying to amplify. Click on the Stop button, before you start making changes to it.
    2) As soon as you open the file, you get a thick bunch of lines, which stands for the pattern of the file – as a wave.
    3) Now, Click on Effects>Equalization, and a dialog box comes up.
    4) In the dialog box, move the blue bar up (to make the audio louder) or down ( to weaken it) and click on OK.
    5) After that, the lines may appear more thicker, with the changes you made. Click on the play button to preview it. If the sound isn’t loud enough, you have to repeat the procedure, and move the blue bar up a bit.
    6) To save the file, click on File>Export and export the file into an MP3 or whichever format you prefer.

    Here are the screenshots, posted one after another. [Click to enlarge]:
    audacity-01  audacity-02 audacity-03 audacity-04 audacity-05audacity-06

    Now you have your file, which is louder and more hear-able! If you experience any problems with this, do write in!

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