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Tweet from Gmail
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  • As mentioned in my previous tutorial, office environments can be restrictive, tweet-using-Gmailwhich may make it really difficult for you to post to social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc.  But from this new found technique, here is how you can tweet directly from your Gmail account, without any separate apps or such.


    In this procedure, we will be using the chatting feature of Gmail to post tweets.


    These are the steps you should follow to tweet from your Gmail account :


    1) First of all, login to your Google account and goto Gmail


    2) Next, Log in to your Twitter account and then head over to


    3) Click on the big green button of Tweet.IM and authorize the website with your tweet-im-big-green-buttontwitter account (or the twitter account you would like to use it with).


    4) After your twitter account is authorized with this website, register yourself, by providing your Gmail email address to the site, and click on the register Gmail twitter accept invitationbutton.


    5) As soon as you click on the register button, head back to your Gmail account and look at the chat sidebar, where a chat request from Tweet.IM will be waiting for you. 

    All you have to do is to click on the “YES” button, enabling you to post tweets to your twitter account from your Gmail account.


    To post a tweet, all you have to do is to enter a message in the chat box and press enter. If the tweet was successfully posted, you will get a message notifying that too!


    [Screenshots: ]

    tweet from gmail being posted         posting-a-tweet-through-gmail


    Apart from that, you get updates of all tweets (though it is seriously in an unreadable – or more of an illegible format)


    Many other functionalities are supported too. Check out the Tweet.IM FAQ for more information about that.


    Note: This feature also works if you have Google Talk installed in your computer.

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