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When did you join Facebook and what’s your first update?
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  • Facebook-join-dateWith the introduction of the new Facebook Timeline, browsing through a timeline-enabled profile has never been this easy. For instance, it is even possible to find out the date when you joined Facebook and even your first post on Facebook. 

    Earlier, (read: Before timeline), you had to manually facebook-timeline-sidebarscroll down (till you get tired, and if you have enough time and patience to do that), to view any  particular story, etc. But thanks to TimeLine, a click on the timeline on the right sidebar, and you are already viewing the post you were looking for.

    Another feature of Facebook Timeline is the activity log (can be accessed from TimeLine by clicking “view-activity-button-facebook-timeline ” or by going to


    You will be more than surprised to find out all about what you were doing on Facebook, in the past. Ofcourse, as Facebook says, only you will be able to view all of your activity on Facebook – unless some hacker manages to gain illegal entry to your account. (Be Warned!)


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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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