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The 404 Not Found Pages of Search Engines!
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  • The 404 error page is where a server hosting a website would redirect you, if the address is not found in the server. But what would a search engine, like Google, Bing and Yahoo have as a 404 page, when someone/something mistypes the URL of one of their pages?

    yahoo-404 bing-404 google-404

    The above screenshots [click to enlarge] are the 404 pages of Yahoo, Bing and Google.

    Yahoo has got a 404 page that gives you a sincere explanation that the page was not found on its servers. Also, after a few seconds, Yahoo redirects you back to the homepage, making it quite impossible to use the search box provided by the page. It also contains links to yahoo’s everything page.

    Bing, by far, has the most efficient 404 page, with a brief explanation of why you landed on a 404 page, and offers a search box, which it asks you to use, instead of your browser’s bar. The error page is efficient, professional and neat to look at.

    When it comes to Google’s 404 error page, it leaves everyone surprised. The page offers no explanation of why you landed on that page, and tells the user “that’s all we know” with the picture of a wretched robot trying to fix itself. The amateurishness of the page doesn’t end here – as if you look closer to the title bar, you can see the page title of the page as - “google-404-title” . The last exclamation mark is actually “1”, telling us clearly that someone forgot to hold the Shift button long enough. The lack of a search box on the page further supports this argument.

    Going to do something about it, Google?

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