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The Awesome Galaxy Nexus Website and How it Works
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  • Google’s Galaxy Nexus is the latest phone in the Nexus series of Phones, which is developed by the collaboration of Samsung and Google. Among many other features, the Galaxy Nexus boasts of – it is the first phone to have Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich).


    The phone is awesome, indeed. But Google has pumped up the wow factor to a even greater extent by making the website of the phone cooler – by including the option to turn the phone – with your mouse – using a simple CSS hack [*].

    To test it out yourself, Click on the “Tech Specs” option on the top, and then click on the phone and turn it with your mouse! There is also another similar turning option in the landscape mode of the phone. To get the landscape turning mode, go to the homepage and click on the last blue button on the top right corner of the website (see how to do that).

    As you would have wondered, this works only with modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox and even Opera.

    [*] How does this work?

    This may look like the bleeding edge of internet technology, but it is actually a simple CSS implementation. As the user clicks on the image and turns it, the website uses the set of images portrait-0 and portrait-1 (for portrait turns) and landscape-0 and landscape-1 (for landscape turns), by using CSS image sprites

    This is a very thoughtful (but painstaking) implementation by Google. They realized no one would have the patience to wait for a flash component to load on their website, and instead, they used a simple trick to make their site loading time faster and also snappy.

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