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An Easy Way To Block Websites in Windows
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  • If you are a windows user, then you can block websites easily, just by editing a small filehosts-file-windows that resides in your Windows installation directory. The Hosts file is the simplest way you  can either block a website or redirect to some other website whenever someone visits the website.
    No matter which version of Windows you are using, you can access the Host file of Windows, by typing this command in the Run dialog box (Windows + R).
    If you are using Windows XP, the open the hosts file with notepad. Upon opening, you will see something like this:       localhost
    as the last line of the file. You can add the name of the website you would like to block by adding the line       <the website address>.com
    In case you want to redirect a website URL to another website, you need to type the IP address of the website you would want to redirect to, instead of Here is an example:
    The above code will redirect all the requests to go to to the IP address.
    [Note: If you want to find the IP address of a website, type “ping” to get its IP.]

    For Windows Vista/7 users:

    If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, you cannot easily modify the hosts file as windows will give you a “restricted access” error. To edit the file, you need to first open notepad, as an administrator, and then browse to the location of the hosts file and then edit it.

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