Sunday, December 18, 2011

Facebook Adds A Subscriber Social Plug-in
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  • To support the new Subscription feature of Facebook, Facebook recently launched yet another social plugin, which lets users subscribe to other people’s Facebook profiles, within a website – outside facebook.

    subscribe-button-facebook The already existing list of 10 plugins gets yet another addition, which makes it 11 social plugins that Facebook gives out, to allow Facebook related stuff to be done on other websites, like commenting on a website, Registering on a website, etc.

    However, the subscribe social plugin only works for profiles, and not pages. So, if you want your readers to subscribe to your website, then its not possible.

    Another limitation is that this plugin works only for profiles where Subscription is enabled. So, you should activate mark-default-facebook-subscribeSubscription on your profile (or timeline) to enable this plugin to work for you. (If you haven’t yet activated it for your profile, then you wont get the subscribe button – a blank space will be shown instead.)

    Here is an example of the Subscribe button:

    On a personal note, it is kind of funny why Facebook is promoting its Subscribe feature, using Mark Zuckerberg as the  default example.

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